Bulk FDA Tested Chocolate Molds Making Silicone
Bulk FDA Tested Chocolate Molds Making Silicone
Bulk FDA Tested Chocolate Molds Making Silicone
Bulk FDA Tested Chocolate Molds Making Silicone
Bulk FDA Tested Chocolate Molds Making Silicone

FDA tested food grade mold making liquid silicone rubber with the highest quality and most strict inspection in Jingyi silicone material factory.

Item No.: JYR-6940

Hardness: 20-50 shore A (Adjustable )

Color: Part A (Silicone) Transparent

Part B (Catalysy/Hardener) Chocolate, Pink, Purple

Sample order: Y

Leading Time: 3-7 Days

Trial order: Y

Trial order MOQ : 100KGS

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Bulk FDA Tested Chocolate Molds Making Silicone


Product Introduction of the Bulk FDA Tested Chocolate Molds Making Silicone
1. Liquid silicone rubber for molded products is series of two-component high temperature rapid molding silicon.
2. Mixing Ratio for part A and part B is: 1:1, A,B component should be fully mixed up by the weight or volume proportion.
3. Better to produce items with liquid injected molding machine to inject the food grade silicon rubber to the mould and make the product.






Parameter of Bulk FDA Tested Chocolate Molds Making Silicone
Below specifications can be customized based on your needs, please check with our representative before order.

Item No.


Before Curing


Time (25℃) /min


After Curing

Appearance Appearance

(Curing agent)





/Shore A


Tensile Strength




Tear Resistance kN.m^-1 Density



Transparent and viscous liquid Transparent and viscous liquid  

















1.Quality assurance: High quality food-grade liquid silicone has sound property of high and low temperature resistance, excellent weather resistance, good transparency and high tear resistance, good resilience and yellowing resistance.
2.Customized item:
Viscosity is one of the most important factor for mold making liquid silicone rubber, as it determines if the RTV2 silicon could be poured in the outer mould easily or not. So customized viscosity gives operator the biggest space to make mold according to his personal experience.
3.Price preference: Without trading companies and middlemen, your directly purchase from the manufacturer must be the most important part of cost savings. Finding Jingyi silicone material factory will save you the most cost and meet the quality requirements of your customers.
4.Technical support: Whether it is before making the mold, during making the mold, or using the mould making silicone molds after the mold is formed, as long as you have any questions, you can get in touch with our customer service staff.









Jingyi silicone factory is located in Dongguan City, covers an area of over 3,500 square meters, with 6 senior engineers and more than 80 workers, a series of high-tech advanced equipment, professional quality inspection department and excellent sales team .





Q1. Does your factory offer sample of RTV liquid silicone rubber, before place order with quantity ?
A1: Yes,Of course. Jingyi silicone factory welcome customers to test our quality before place order for large quantity. Please contact us for more detail information.


Q2. What is the lead time for sample of mold making silicone rubber ?
A2: Usually3-5 days.


Q3. What are the package ways of liquid silicone rubber ?
A3:There are different packages for our RTV liquid silicone rubber, for example : 5KG/Plastic box, 20KG/Iron drum. More details please check the packing pictures.



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