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Guangzhou Jingyi Silicone Material Co.,Ltd.

About us

Our History

Guangzhou Jingyi Silicone Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. Jingyi silicone already become a modern management manufacturer and top-ranking trading company from a small workshop with 21 years’ development.

Jingyi Silicone production lines including: General liquid silicone rubber for molding, Food grade liquid silicone rubber for molded products, brushable platinum cure silicone rubber, and other production linds, more and more advanced production lines will be expanded in the future.

Jingyi Silicone has participated in large-scale international exhibitions many times such as: 122nd Canton Fair and Shanghai Composites Expo, With increasing reputation of Jingyi silicone in worldwide market and company development strategies, we will have more plans to attend other international exhibitions.

About us

Our Factory

Jingyi silicone factory is located in Dongguan City, covers an area of over 3,500 square meters, with 6 senior engineers and more than 80 workers, a series of high-tech advanced equipment, professional quality inspection department and excellent sales team.

Jingyi silicone factory mainly manufacture high quality liquid silicone rubber,European component mold silicone, soap and candle mould silicone rubber, architectural decoration mould silicone,RTV-2 mold silicone, shoe mould silicone,cement decoration product mould silicone, culture stone mold silicone, sandstone embossing mold silicone,Roman pillar mold silicone, resin and gypsum craft mould glue, silicone oil, silicone oil, pad printing silicone, electronic potting glue, silicone and thermal grease for LED display, CPU special silicone, CPU silicone rubber, CPU silicone cloth, silicone tube, silicone sheet, room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, HTV high temperature adhesive, compound rubber, solid silicone rubber, unsaturated resin,epoxy resin, silicone products.
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About us

Product Application

Liquid silicone rubber (RTV-2 silicone)was classified as condensed type silicone(LSR) or addition type silicone in the chemical raw materials industry. Meanwhile it has multiple hardness from 0 to 50 or higher Shore A.
Liquid silicone rubber were widely used for mould making or copy molding both in industry and household. According to the items’ size and shapes, people can choose different materials like resin, wax or plaster to produce unique articles.
Silicone rubber molds can be made by pouring mixed liquid silicone rubber in a outer mould or brush liquid silicone rubber on the item which you want to copy.
Room temperature vulcanizing making our liquid silicone rubber(LSR) can make: silicone clay toys mold, white silicone shoe sole mold, soft sexy doll silicone rubber, low hardness and weather resistance silicone human body part mould, silicone brand dressing tag, handmade silicone soap mold, different shapes of silicone candle mould, home decoration silicone plaster panel molds, silicone gypsum roman pillar mold, silicone fondant mold, wax products molds, resin product mold and so on.

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Our Certificate

MSDS certificate, Safety Certificate of Air Transportation, Safety Certificate of Ocean Shipping, Safety Certificate of Rail Transport

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Production Equipment

About us

Production Market

Jingyi Silicone Material Co.,Ltd. got the 1st export order in Jan. Of 2000 from an Iran customer – Mr. Mohammed Fahd .
Mr.Mohammed Fahd was completely satisfied with our package and quality after goods arrived in Iran. Soon he repeated another order with 12000KGS 4 months later. After that our sales team got more and more orders, and expanded our market to worldwide more than 50 countries and areas, such as: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand,Vietnam, India, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Italy, Spain, South Africa and so on.

About us

Our Service

Usually our sales team will ask customers to explain what kind of the mold He/She want to make, and what material will be filled in the mold after moulding. Jingyi silicone selects the most suitable item for customer by gathering the products information before customer place orders, Which avoids extra spent coursed by placing order for unsuitable liquid silicone rubber, and time waste for waiting for the wrong products.

Free sample silicone rubber was provided by Jingyi Silicone for quality testing.

Liquid silicone rubber are in different colors, the most popular colors are : Pink LSR, White LSR, Translucent LSR, more various colors could be customized according to clients’ requests.

Jingyi Silicone’s technical team will offer professional guidance if clients have any questions during the silicone rubber mold moulding processes.

Feedback will be high appreciated and quick-responded after clients received the goods.

Customers will get a discount price when they place re-peat order with larger quantity.